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“Choices” and the misunderstanding on meaning of “Scarcity” has put the whole world in a chaos. Choices are releated to unlimited human Wants;  Whereas, Natural Resources are component of Nature so complicated phenomenon to be understood by the limited knowledge.  Here i just put few logics to support Natural Resources are not Scare only the problem is there is that Human beings have priotised  unlimited wants which social  institutions with limited knowledge are ineffecient to manage. 

people pollute  water and complain “Resources are Scarce”.  Whereas,


Natural Resources are not Scarce beoz:

1.  Humans wants are unlimted.
2. Over exploitation and Missmanagement of Resources are
3. Population growth rate  is ever growing.
4. Some Natural resources are living process and in a life
     cycle for eg. Water Cycle.
5. Human being have limited knowledge because Brain has certain limitations.

6. Technology can never be 100% efficient.


Natural Resource Management needs a great wisdom. Respect the Nature, they are a living Process.  Natural Resources have to be identified and studied  very carefully, the way they are produced by the Nature, and the way they are decomposed by the Nature itself.

(…and plz stop telling Natural Resource as stuff;  u say them stuff just bcoz u have limited set of knowdledge. )


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