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Let it be Poltics or Media; Banks or Industries; Government or Non-Government; today every sector is polluted with Corruption. Corruption Can be cearly seen as one of the major cause which has brought this country to such a disasterous point.

The only Self Realization of Responsibility towards the Motherland is sollution to all the problems.

If the feeling of Nationality is in Heart & Soul, then one can never induldge himselft in any Corruption. The insist to do, Potentiality, & the Nationality within each youth is enough for the Development & Restoration of Peace of this Nation.

This is the land where Buddha was born; Even his feeling is understood, One can find his Heart filled with love for the whole world. Nothing to Kill &, Nothing to Die for. No Boundries & No Issue to Fight for. If one develops love for his Country, then & there he will be transformed into a Honest & Beautiful Personality.

And once, if the Corruption is gone; no matter whichever the Government comes, Definately the Country will achieve Peace & Prospereity.

If One really needs Peace; then How can he be Corrupted…?

Many Enlighted Souls were born on this land, who devoted themselves for their Country & for the whole World. We are fortunate to be born on this land; it is a Great Honour for us…


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The whole world needs indiviual attention now; Man Made Climate Change is all due to Total Disrespect towards ecology and the planet earth. Due to Ego & Super Ego World is having Blood Wars everywhere and, here thus now we need to build a society that respects the Nature and reflects Love & Care for the entire Humanity.


livINg tHE wAY tHE NatuRE iS


Imagine People living the life the way Nature is…!!!

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cOMpletE fReedom the ultiMate cOMMOn Goal, tHe HumAN RigHts
fREEdOM the uLtiMAte cOMMoN GOal


Welcome to fREE spiRit


“d eNeRgY to eXprEss wiD cOMplEte fREEdOM”


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