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“How Choices and misunderstanding on Scarcity has put the whole World into chaos.” – A Need to Redefine Resource Economics.


Let’s assume a hypothetical case, i.e. Wants=0, then just think about Resources, will the Resources be Scarce?  Wants are unlimited; look at wants of people in 17th Century, 18th Century, 19th Century, and 20th Century. Just study the pattern. They are very much interesting. We can find significant increase in Wants of the general people.  Without a doubt, for the contribution in rampant increase in wants of general people, the award goes to none other than the elite controlled media. Certainly Western Media will bag more medals for it then the eastern ones. Over the decades we can see severe impacts of uncontrolled wants of ever increasing population on natural resources.  The Capitalistic and Marxist have close link with unlimited uncontrolled wants and ever increasing population respectively. Capitalistic are very much clever to cash the unlimited wants while for Marxists population may not be a big issue.  But I put a question to them. What is development? Is that only confined to greater revenue?  Do quality of life is only a philosophical issue to talk? And is Development the end? Do there exists nothing beyond development?

Nevertheless, it is not limited to them only, just find out how corrupt governments and their corrupted policies, greedy marketing strategies, narrow and conservative market oriented Resource Economics are contributing in overexploitation of resources.  Just find out how over exploitation of resources are creating trouble in your community, society and the entire world. Just find out how you have been affected by choices of others. Now find out how scarcity and choices are interrelated. Hence, now find out how Scarcity, Choices and Resources are interrelated or not related at all.

Ok,  if the relation is understood, lets again come to our assumption, wants=0; i.e. just like reverse engineering,   if by any ends and means, if human wants are slowly and gradually minimized;  then just now do a little research. You will be surprised to find out that the whole meaning of scarcity and choice has changed for you. Thus, Scarcity and Choices vanishes.  Now study about Resources.  I am sure you will redefine Resource Economics.

For a  bit,  let’s study the pattern of wants in society. The more things/commodities a person have or is used to with, the more he has “wants”. Let’s discuss few examples: A beggar who have nothing wants food, clothe, shelter, while business man in a city who have easy access to all basic needs wants petrol for his motorbike, mobile for communication, generator/inverters for continuous power supply, computers/printers/calculators to maintain business transaction, perfumes/ornaments to maintain his status in society, refrigeration/air cooler/ washing machine to make life easier. So now find out the resource consumption pattern in different communities.  So now just imagine if wants are minimized or controlled then how severely breakeven point curve of resource economics in the developed/capitalistic countries will be affected.  Now you should have found reason why media is used to govern wants of people. You should have found why capitalistic misuse power of media to have influence over wants of people.  You must have known now how your wants are converted to your needs, how media influence your  wants  and,  how the  Capitalistic  are clever enough to keep these wants ever  increasing and how they cash your wants without letting you know all the drama keeping them behind the scene. Now I hope you will think about the ways to minimize your wants.

Whilist,  let’s discuss about a middle class Family.  Suppose you are the head of the family. Now assume that the next drama starts. Your wife asks you golden bracelet, oh you will be pleased to gift, but what if she asks a golden necklace in the same month. If you love your wife so much then you would try to fulfill her want at any cost. You will work overtime, do hard work all day and night and bring her the necklace that she wished. But what if, in the same month she asks a good silk sari to wear with those ornaments. Definitely, you will try to convince her that it’s beyond your capacity. Yes you got it; this is what I am trying to explain, social institutions must be wise enough while addressing the unlimited wants of ever growing population. i.e., we cannot harvest or manipulate ecosystems in such a way as to diminish their productive capacity, or threaten the natural diversity of life forms (biodiversity). This requires that we critically examine how we harvest renewable resources, and adjust our consumption and land-use practices to fall well within the regenerative capacities of ecosystems.

Ok, if this cautiousness has come to you then let’s plot the production possibility curve plotting “Natural Resource Conservation” along X-axis and “Development” along Y-axis.  Then now you can see what a great wisdom do the term Human and Natural Resource Management needs. Now again answer the following economics’ questions to yourself.

  • What, and How Much, to Produce.
  • How to Produce it.
  • For Whom to Produce it.

Then find out whether these questions have something to do with these philosophy i.e., Substances Produced by Society must not systematically increase in Nature, for e.g.  Plastics, ozone-depleting chemicals, carbon dioxide, waste materials, etc must not be produced at a faster rate than they can be broken down in nature.

“Choices” and the misunderstanding on meaning of “Scarcity” have put the whole world in a chaos. Choices are related to unlimited human Wants; Whereas, Natural Resources are component of Nature so complicated phenomenon to be understood by the limited knowledge.  Here I just put few logics to support Natural Resources are not Scare only the problem is there is that Human beings have priotised  unlimited wants which social  institutions with limited knowledge are inefficient to manage.

People pollute water and complain “Water is Scarce”, just look the situation in Kathmandu.  River Bagmati has been turned into a drainage system and they are ready to expend million dollars to fetch water from Melemchi.  Off course, the major credit for it goes to the government and its policies.  You just find out why water has been scarce in Mega cities of the world, but why not in rural plains. And one more question, do sand in desert is scarce?  Yet, are you willing to go up with the mugged up definition of Resource Economics? Then just have a brainstorming.


Natural Resources are not scarce, just have a look

  1. Some Natural Resources are living process and in a life cycle. So how can they be scarce? For e.g., Water Cycle.

Only the problem is:-

  1. Human wants are unlimited and uncontrolled.
  2. Over exploitation and mismanagement of natural resources are rampant.
  3. Population growth rate is ever increasing.
  4. Human beings have limited knowledge because the capacity of brain is limited to some few 1000 terabytes of which only few percentage humans are able to utilize.
  5. Technology is never 100% efficient.
  6. Social institutions lack proper understanding in addressing the needs and wants of people. Just give a look to Maslow’s pyramid of humans need and want and then find out whether or not economics has been able to address them. You will be surprised to find out how economics is narrow and helpless to solve human problems.

If agreed then let’s have a look on polluters pay principle. Do you think it will help mitigate climate change? Just a rubbish theory; Unethical and irresponsible act. Polluter pay principle is just a game played by developed countries/Capatilistic/Industrialist and it has nothing to do with mitigating climate change. These theories/practices give right to developed nations/Capatilistic/Industralists to pollute environment. Just study what choices they have, what decisions they make and why.  Can you believe that their increasing “wants” have over exploited resources of poor countries up to some level? Then will you agree that this narrow market oriented Resource Economics is contributing in conflict generation and resource overexploitation.  Such narrow and market oriented resource economics only booms hindrance in national and international peace. Apply some creativity, remove the pollutant factors from the Resource Economics and see resource economics contributing in peace and sustainable development. Can I hope, one day developed nations will be promoting handmade utensils/goods of developing nations rather then there  commodities manufactured with additional huge tones by-products. This would be a courageous step towards climate change by the world’s super powers, G7, G8, G20 or whatever. And one more question, if u don’t mind, plz let me know how much people of  Bhopal and their  generations should be paid/compansated for the industrial disaster of 1984? You may still argue but I am sure that this narrow Resource Economics  can  never be effecient  while internalizing negative externality.

Serously answer me, How much should U.S.  pay to Japan for polluting its land?  How much should China pay to India for polluting its air? How much should Russia pay to Germany for polluting its water? Hahaha it seems as if the thirld world war if fought wud be fought for pure land, pure air and, pure water.  Don’t hurry, take your time. But at the end you will find your Resource Economics helpless to solve human generated problems.  The present narrow  Resourcce Ecconomics is only a womb that gives birth to uncountable conflicts. lets take another example.  Look at the defination of “Forest” adopted by UNFCC, I doubt which level of expertise they have; Have they imagined what short of problem it would give rise to. Don’t they know difference between “Forest” and “Plantation”; i would only like to suggest them is come to Nepal, a small kid will explain you what is Forest.  Do you believe REDD could be successful to mitigate climate change with present definition of “forest”.

Resource economics should broaden itself, it must be able to solve human problems rather than confining to “wants”  and “price”.  Money is mechanism only to make exchange of products easier. Can you imagine a world where we have nothing to exchange. It would be a hell. We exchange and thus development flourishes, cooperation strengthens, societies come closer. Just imagine everyone has everything then can u answer me why anyone should come to you?  You might be confused what i am talking about. Its simple, we exchange products, put price for a commodity but thats not the only end. Money is just a means but, in practice, Economics is found culprit for making it as the destination.

Ok, lets move on,  tell me operating system is scarce or not?  When i say operating system you must have picture  of Bill gates Microsoft’s Windows, OK agreed you have to pay a price for that. But have u used “Linux”, its all free of cost, you can download it free of cost.  After then you must have a question about the price i.e.; zero price. But i don’t think i have to explain it in detail, Everbody knows about it.  Money is just a medium that we use to exchange goods, just to make our life easier.  we all know about “the bata system”.  Thoes were the days of Industrialization when Economics was defined but now the context has been changed, but now its time for meta-modern society and hence-forth Resource Economics shares a broad goal with Human Rights. Thus there is a sever need to Redefine Resource Economics. Resource Economics must play significant role in mainstreaming Human Rights as per the “need”  and “want” of the global society. The achievement of lasting progress in the implementation of human rights is dependent upon sound and effective national and international policies of economic and social development.  So the government with civil society needs to contribute its effort more towards mainstreaming of human rights.  Yet, are you well off with the narrow Resource Economics? Decesion is yours.  Yeah, I understand  every decision has an opportunity cost. But just see where we are now?

A deep understanding towards ecology and the planet earth is most when one talks about Human and Natural Resource Management.  You can make furniture out of a tree but can u produce a tree? Off course you can plant them but the ultimate producer is the Nature itself. So how much do human beings know about Nature? It’s mysterious.  Nature is only the ultimate producer; human beings can only produce death things i.e., they can convert one thing into other, But Nature only can produce that is living. Respect the Nature, they are a living Process.  Natural Resources have to be identified and studied very carefully, the way they are produced by the Nature, and the way they are decomposed by the Nature itself.

And finally the understanding on spiritual values of nature may help you solve complex problems of human beings in the simplest way. Just respect the river that flows through your city, water will be never scarce.


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Let it be Poltics or Media; Banks or Industries; Government or Non-Government; today every sector is polluted with Corruption. Corruption Can be cearly seen as one of the major cause which has brought this country to such a disasterous point.

The only Self Realization of Responsibility towards the Motherland is sollution to all the problems.

If the feeling of Nationality is in Heart & Soul, then one can never induldge himselft in any Corruption. The insist to do, Potentiality, & the Nationality within each youth is enough for the Development & Restoration of Peace of this Nation.

This is the land where Buddha was born; Even his feeling is understood, One can find his Heart filled with love for the whole world. Nothing to Kill &, Nothing to Die for. No Boundries & No Issue to Fight for. If one develops love for his Country, then & there he will be transformed into a Honest & Beautiful Personality.

And once, if the Corruption is gone; no matter whichever the Government comes, Definately the Country will achieve Peace & Prospereity.

If One really needs Peace; then How can he be Corrupted…?

Many Enlighted Souls were born on this land, who devoted themselves for their Country & for the whole World. We are fortunate to be born on this land; it is a Great Honour for us…

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“Choices” and the misunderstanding on meaning of “Scarcity” has put the whole world in a chaos. Choices are releated to unlimited human Wants;  Whereas, Natural Resources are component of Nature so complicated phenomenon to be understood by the limited knowledge.  Here i just put few logics to support Natural Resources are not Scare only the problem is there is that Human beings have priotised  unlimited wants which social  institutions with limited knowledge are ineffecient to manage. 

people pollute  water and complain “Resources are Scarce”.  Whereas,


Natural Resources are not Scarce beoz:

1.  Humans wants are unlimted.
2. Over exploitation and Missmanagement of Resources are
3. Population growth rate  is ever growing.
4. Some Natural resources are living process and in a life
     cycle for eg. Water Cycle.
5. Human being have limited knowledge because Brain has certain limitations.

6. Technology can never be 100% efficient.


Natural Resource Management needs a great wisdom. Respect the Nature, they are a living Process.  Natural Resources have to be identified and studied  very carefully, the way they are produced by the Nature, and the way they are decomposed by the Nature itself.

(…and plz stop telling Natural Resource as stuff;  u say them stuff just bcoz u have limited set of knowdledge. )

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The whole world needs indiviual attention now; Man Made Climate Change is all due to Total Disrespect towards ecology and the planet earth. Due to Ego & Super Ego World is having Blood Wars everywhere and, here thus now we need to build a society that respects the Nature and reflects Love & Care for the entire Humanity.


livINg tHE wAY tHE NatuRE iS


Imagine People living the life the way Nature is…!!!

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cOMpletE fReedom the ultiMate cOMMOn Goal, tHe HumAN RigHts
fREEdOM the uLtiMAte cOMMoN GOal


Welcome to fREE spiRit


“d eNeRgY to eXprEss wiD cOMplEte fREEdOM”


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